Linda Moulton Howe’s new report about possible Alien Landing Marks

“Black-suited men came to the company’s owner and demanded the rings around a circle on the salt flat be destroyed and took cameras away.” A brand new report from Linda Moulton Howe on a set of photographs showing what seems to be Alien Landing Marks.

Linda Moulton Howe is well-know by her detailed work and fact-checked investigations. In this brand new report publish on Earthfiles we can read about a set of photographs were sent to Linda by Daniel Vierra. According to him, in 1992 his father was a worker in Californian Salt Field. His father has told his soon that the mark were made by a “very large” object. His father never talk about the incident because as soon as the rings were discovered, some “Man in Black” appear and demanded that the mark were “destroyed immediately”.

The full report as many more details about his fascinating case. Read it all here:

On August 28, 1992, Daniel’s father was ordered by his Cargill manager and men in dark suits “from Lockheed” to destroy a mysterious pattern of 5 rings around a central circle embedded in a Cargill salt flat not far from the Moffett Field NASA Ames Research Center.

Daniel thinks his father secretly photographed the salt formation on August 28, 1992, before Daniel’s dad destroyed the ringed pattern  on orders from unidentified black-suited men thought to be government agents from Lockheed.

Why Did Gov’t. Agents Demand Destruction of Mysterious Ring Formation On Cargill Salt Pond?

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