Know as the Kiev Idol this is one of the most shared images about the ancient astronaut hypothesis. But is it real?

The image is always accompanied with this description: This carving was found in Kiev, Ukraine. It is approx 6,000 years old (4,000 BC).

It was not found in Ukraine but preserved in frozen tombs in the Altai region of Siberia, Russia – near the China border. Also, is not that older. The artifact is dated 700 BC.

Known as Kayapo – the Scythian artifact. The Scythians were a group of people living in the area of the Asian steppes. You can know more about their culture here.

Nevertheless it depicts a strange, strange figure. Maybe some close encounter the Scynthians were involved? Another myth about gods that came from the heavens?

We did not found its actual location and no other images. Please feel free to share more information in the comments bellow.

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