The Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon, a text by Conrad Lycosthenes, is one of the best-illustrated books of the Renaissance depicting medieval superstition. On page 494 is a woodcut showing what seems to be a spaceship seen over Arabia in 1479.

In 1557, at the same time that Nostradamus was making his predictions, another scholar, Conrad Lycosthenes, published a comprehensive anthology of the history of strange, wonderful and terrifying events and creatures from Adam and Eve until his own time.

They include sightings of Halley’s comet, plagues of locusts, disfigured animals, meteor showers, sea monsters, fires, floods and famines.

Many argue that the most famous image in the book is of a comet seen over Arabia in 1479 which resembles a space rocket. But this illustration is still popular among UFO enthusiasts, ensuring that Lycosthenes’ name lives on.
After all… what do you see? A comet, or a possible space rocket/ship?
The book is now held at the Australian Museum Research Library.

The Latin text to on the woodcarving reads: “In Arabia cometa in modum trabis acutissimae, acuarijs quasi punctis distinctae, cum falce phoenaria uisus est. Eodem anno totam Carinthiã uastarut Turce. Cruciferi cõtra Polonos bellum pararunt. In Vngaria foedus inter Mathiam ac Vladislaum renouatum. In Creta insula (ut a Coccio Sabellico lib.i.”).

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