The Kecksburg Incident: Witness by many, covered up by NASA and speculated to be the Nazi Die Glocke, this UFO mass sighting is a true X-File!

December 9, 1965: Numerous residents of the small Pennsylvania village about 40 miles from Pittsburgh saw an object that some witnesses described as streaking green fire across the sky before it crashed in a local field.

Local resident Bill Bulebush, who was working on his car when he saw the object, described it as acorn-shaped and about twice the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. He said that it glided slowing before making a U-turn and going down.

A local fireman, James Romansky, later described the downed craft as having hieroglyphic-like writing around its bottom ring. He only got to examine the craft for about 15 minutes, before government and military officials arrived and ordered everyone from the scene, and posted armed guards around the perimeter.

The Tribune-Review from nearby Greensburg which had a reporter at the scene ran an article the next morning, “Unidentified Flying Object Falls near Kecksburg—Army Ropes off Area”. However, a later edition of the newspaper stated that nothing had been found after authorities searched the area.

After investigative journalist Leslie Keen filed a Freedom of Information Act suit, NASA revealed in 2009 that documentation on the case was missing.

2005: NASA changes story to “Russian satellite”

In December 2005, just before the 40th anniversary of the Kecksburg crash, NASA released a statement to the effect that they had examined metallic fragments from the object and now claimed it was from a re-entering “Russian satellite”.

There had been some speculation (e.g. NASA’s James Oberg) that the object in the Kecksburg Incident may have been debris from Kosmos 96, a Soviet satellite. Kosmos 96 had a bell- or acorn-like shape similar to the object reported by eyewitnesses (though much smaller than witnesses reported).

However, in a 1991 report, US Space Command concluded that Kosmos 96 crashed in Canada at 3:18 a.m. on December 9, 1965, about 13 hours before the Kecksburg UFO.

In addition, in a 2003 interview Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris at the NASA Johnson Space Center Nicholas L. Johnson stated:

I can tell you categorically, that there is no way that any debris from Kosmos 96 could have landed in Pennsylvania anywhere around 4:45 p.m. […] That’s an absolute. Orbital mechanics is very strict.

Is this a true cover up? Do russian satelites usually have writing resembling Egyptian hieroglyphs?! What was found in Kecksburg?

Die Glocke Theories

Some point to the clear resemblance between the object seen in the Kecksburg Incident and the infamous Die Glocke. Further investigation by The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens in 2011 proposes that the craft found was i fact Die Glocke.

They speculate that Nazi SS officer Hans Kammler may have used Die Glocke as a means of escaping Allied Forces during the final days before V Day via Time travel, and ended up crash landing in Kecksburg and integrating himself into post-war American society.

But, with the most reliable facts “missing” and total silence from the government one can only speculate about what was this object that so many saw. What are your thoughts? Tell us bellow in the comments section!

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