This is one of the strangest UFO pictures from the 70’s out there. We try to check their original source but such was impossible. Even so, lets now know the Mark Coltrane sighting and its unique photographs.

All over the Internet the story is told the same way: On April 19, 1978, police officer Mark Coltrane was on patrol in the vicinity of Colfax, a small town with a thousands of inhabitants in Wisconsin, USA. At midday, he decided to stop the car to eat something, in a small isolated area. He noted that his radio was emitting crackles.
He then noticed a metalic looking disc raising towards the the sky at a short distance from the parking space.
While the object seemed to move towards him, Coltrane picked up his Polaroid camera, came out of the car and snapped some photographs.

Even more strange is the fact that we go two sets of photographs in this case. Several in black and white and two of them in color. After some research we were able to confirm that the black and white versions are just xerox copies from the original ones that you can see bellow:


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