The Alfena case is one of the most intriguing and well documented UFO sightings in the nineties. Still the event remains as one of Europe’s unsolved UFO cases.

8:30 AM, 10th September, 1990. In the portuguese town of Alfena, a group of children on their way to school spot a shiny, metallic object hovering 50 metres off the ground.

Soon, other local residents also spotted the unusual flying object. Some even throw rocks at the UFO trying to scare it away. Hundreds of residents saw the object and soon the news spread out in the little rural town of Alfena.

Manuel Gomes, sitting at a local diner, was soon told of the sightings. He was a photojournalist and worked with the Morning Journal News. He quickly gathered his camera and rushed to the location of the latest reported sighting.

He managed to take four photographs of the object.

Then, we immediately contacted the CNIFO research group, giving them the photographs and negatives. Many specialists tested them and all said they were real and not adulterated.

After about an hour, the unidentified object finally flew away into the horizon, leaving many questions as to its origin and purpose.

Of the many theories offered, the most plausible was that the object was some type of observation device, possibly launched by the military. However, the NATO military claimed to have nothing in the air at that time and location.

The 1990 UFO mass sighting in Alfena remains unsolved to this day.

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