Many are the evidences of paleocontact but maybe none give us more certain than the Cargo Cults. They can actually explain how religions became to be and give us the irrefutable proof of Ancient Aliens in our past.

Know as Cargo Cults, these religions were born (mostly) after US and UK soldiers reached their remote islands by ships and planes during WW2. Without a proper understanding of our culture and technology, they considered the soldiers to be actual gods coming from the heavens.

What if our ancestors witnessed similar things thousands of years ago, and our religions are nothing else than the variations of these cargo cults?

“The cargo cult phenomenon illustrates the basic premise of the Classic Ancient Astronaut Theory: Thousands and thousands of years ago, technologically advanced flesh and blood extraterrestrials arrived on Earth in nuts and bolts spaceships.

Intellectually-speaking, our ancestors were not stupid (they essentially had the same brain as we have today), however, because their technological frame of reference was limited, they did not comprehend the nuts and bolts aspects behind the arrival of those flesh and blood extraterrestrials and so our ancestors misinterpreted them for being divine in nature, which, of course, the visitors were not. And thus, the “gods” were born. Out of a simple (yet major!) misunderstanding.”

AncientUFO Sightings ,

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