First of all, this is a real document by the CIA. And yes, it tell us how 23 soldiers were turned into stone by “unknown beings” after they shot at a UFO.

According to the new report, which is available to view in full on the CIA’s public website, 23 soldiers died after shooting a UFO. But this report gets even more strange!

The soldiers working in the military unit in Siberia in 1993, were aware of a bizarre flying saucer-shaped vehicle coming into close proximity of their position.

The soldiers immediately opened fire on the craft with a surface to air missile which brought the flying saucer down to Earth. The document claims that after the flying saucer was brought crashing down, things got even more terrifying:

Five humanoid beings with large heads and large black eyes exited the craft after it was brought down. Following that, the five beings then appeared to merge together into a white ball of light which began to buzz and hiss at the soldiers. After a period of seconds, the ball of light then exploded. Twenty-three soldiers who were in the immediate proximity of the blast were killed and, bizarrely, according to the report they were ‘turned into stone’.

There were only two survivors of the devastating attack who were both in a shaded area at the time of the lethal explosion.


The initial report on the incident was investigated in depth by agents from the Soviet intelligence agency, the KGB.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the intelligence agency in the wake of the end of the Cold War and the reconstruction of Russia, many of the formerly secret files held by the KGB somehow found their way into the hands of the Americans, including this fascinating 250 page dossier on the UFO attack in Siberia.

Read it all here:

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  1. The CIA document does not give us any evidence that the story happened. It only gives us evidence that somebody alleged the CIA had gotten such evidence from the former KGB after the Soviet collapse.

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