1982. Paleontologist and curator of vertebrate fossils, Dale Russell, publishes a thought experiment based on the trend toward larger brain sizes and the upright posture of dinosaurs. The results are nothing less than shocking.

He proposes a theory about what one species of dinosaur would have evolved into if it had survived the mass extinction. The dinosaur known as Troodon as chosen as the subject of this extrapolation.

Strangely enough, or wonderfully enough, they came up with a model that resembled a humanoid reptilian being, which actually matched that of the reports that we were hearing now, as well as reports from ancient history.

If dinossaurs hadn’t have died out, this would have become what he called the dinosauroid, an upright, standing, semi-humanoid, semi-reptilian entity, what we might call a reptoid.

Dr Dale Russell thought it might stand four to five feet high, weigh about 90 pounds, and have a fairly advanced brain.

This raises a even more strange speculation: What if some of the dinosaurs didn’t become extinct? What if they managed to survive the global extinction, or presumed extinction, and over time, some of them developed through natural selection, and they grew smaller, they became more intelligent, they became more adept and adaptive, and took on a humanoid form? We necessarily shouldn’t think that the reptilians are extraterrestrials.

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