The ‘Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night’ celebrated 50 years of his groundbreaking book and gave us much more to expect from him in the future.

Its publication “Chariots of the Gods” in the late 1960s achieved worldwide success, his books have now chalked up more than 70 million sales. They have inspired Hollywood blockbuster movies, TV series like The X-Files and numerous documentaries expounding his ideas and have become a cultural phenomenon far beyond his greatest expectations. Actually, Erich’s work is the main reason for Ancient UFO!

Now he was presented with the Stella Citizen Award by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, at the Princess Anne Theatre, London.

In a two hour presentation Erich used video clips, computer animations, slides and diagrams to back-up his claim that thousands of years ago there was a war in heaven. He said,

‘The E.T.’s know about us because we are part of their DNA. The Bible speaks of the daughters of men having intercourse with these visitors, and many worldwide myths and legends repeat the same story. These stories always say the E.T.s will return to us.’

Erich thinks this could be in the next twenty years.

Media Invest Entertainment announced at the end of the event that they have numerous projects to exploit the Chariots of the Gods brand. These include a Hollywood movie, a TV series, live circus/musical spectaculars, video games and three theme parks.

There are immediate plans for a site in Berlin, Germany, and a much larger scale one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, scheduled to open in 2020. There are also plans for one in the U.K.

Proof that Erich Von Daniken Legacy is indeed one of a kind and will keep inspiring many to search for the truth!

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