The extraterrestrial Fallen Angels described by Enoch

By definition, Angels are otherworldly. They are extraterrestrial. Not from this planet. And the Book of Enoch gives us a unique insight into this Fallen Angels or The Watchers and how they most probably are Extraterrestrials.

There is evidence to suggest that angels are not something which Christianity invented, but that they were somehow physically present in all civilizations; from the Sumerians, to the Babylonians and certainly the Egyptians.

In the middle east in particular, there were depictions of supernatural beings with wings. They were primarily soldiers of the higher gods, servants of the higher gods. The higher gods depended on these messengers. They would run back and forth and gather information.

Erich Von Däniken said it perfectly: “Use the word “extraterrestrials” instead of the word of “angel”. Use “leader of extraterrestrials” instead of “archangel”. If you change few words in the old texts, a few key words, you change the sense of it all”.

According to the book of Enoch, the first to arrive on earth were the fallen angels. It was on mount Hermon that angels came down from the heavens fallen angels to inhabit earth. They were trying to assume power. And because of that, they were cast out from heaven and cast down to earth.

This sounds more of a mutiny story where extraterrestrials split into two different factions, doesn’t it?

But that wasn’t their only problem. When 200 of the ‘fallen angels’ descended from the heavenly realm on to the summit of Mount Hermon they were so smitten by the beauty of human women that, using their new material bodies, they had sex with them. (read more about this Aliens and Sex with Humans)

This further incurred Yahweh’s wrath and, according to the Bible, the consequence of this miscegenation between the Fallen Ones and mortals led to the creation of half-angelic, half-human offspring (Genesis 6:4).

These children were called the Nefelim or Nephilim and they were the giant race that once inhabited Old Earth. (a huge subject that it will have its own article soon)

The fallen angels taught their wives and children a variety of new technological skills, magical knowledge and occult wisdom. This suggests that psychic abilities and magical powers were originally an ancient inheritance from the “angelic realm” – or extraterrestrial realm – given to early humans.

Both in the book of Enoch and in the Hebrew Bible, the fallen angels act in direct opposition to God’s will by interbreeding with humans. In genesis 6, it talks about the sons of gods – gods plural – mating with the daughters of men. And there was a certain evil connotation to it.


There is much debate among religious scholars about the fallen angels. And some say they were deliberately sent here to watch over man. And in the book of Enoch specifically, we have 20 watchers which are in charge of all the other angels that are in Enoch’s presence.

You have the commanders and the officers and the lieutenants, and those 20 deliberately teach Enoch in various disciplines, such as meteorology, astronomy, how to make better swords. So, once again, a tale about non-humans giving humans revolutionary knowledge? Why should angels had… patents?

These Ben Elohim or ‘fallen angels’ were also known as the Watchers, the Grigori and the Irin. In Jewish mythology the Grigori were originally a superior order of angels who dwelt in the highest heaven with God and resembled human beings in their appearance. The title ‘Watcher’ simply means ‘one who watches’, ‘those who watch’, ‘those who are awake’ or ‘those who do not sleep’. These titles reflect the unique relationship between the Watchers and the human race since ancient times.

Could angels be a race of extraterrestrial beings, separated in two factions, both focused on changing humanity destiny?


In judeo-Christian, and islamic tradition, there was an idea that there will be some kind of final warfare when God defeats Satan, once and for all. That’s been interpreted, by some people, to say that, the aliens will come back; They will fight it out again, one final time.

Both the book of Enoch and the new testament book of revelation refers to a final cosmic battle of good versus evil fought by Angels. Is this some-kind of warning about an extraterrestrial war soon to come?

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