A new revolutionary theory suggests that humans with blood type Rh Negative (15% of all humanity) belong to an Extraterrestrial lineage.

Human blood types are grouped into four distinct designations that include O, A, B and AB. Additionally, there is another variance between blood types known as the Rh-factor, or Rhesus factor. It can be positive or negative.

85% of humans in the world are Rh-positive and have no issues receiving blood from positive or negative donors.
But for the Rh-negative population, receiving Rh-positive blood may be fatal, as the body will try to destroy the foreign antigens. For women that are Rh-negative, mating with a Rh-positive partner could be dangerous to the fetus, since it has been confirmed that Rh negative mothers do not tolerate fetuses with RH Positive blood.

Studies of Rh-negatives suggest that they have lower than normal blood pressure and in a number of cases, they have an extra vertebra in their back.

So how are this crucial differences explained scientifically?
Scientists have no idea. Throughout the years, several scientific studies have searched for this answer with no results.

Even more strange is the fact that Rh Negative didn’t exist in the Americas, nor in southern Africa, nor in Asia. Most of the world didn’t have it until colonization started in the 15th century.

It was only in Europe, so one must accept that it spread out from there. But how if all human beings originated in Africa, as mainstream science believes?

Once again, one can find answers to why 15% of the humans have Rh Negative blood in the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.

Sumerian texts speak of The Anunnaki, that came from elsewhere in the cosmos, to build and create the first human societies. Ancient Astronaut Theorists believed that these ancient beings genetically altered primitive human species, creating stronger and more “adequate” beings that were used as slaves.

In the Mayan text the Popol Vuh, “the Book of the People,” it is said that there were three attempts to – literally – make people.

There’s a very good chance that early humans were possibly genetically manipulated by advanced extraterrestrials trying to formulate and create the ultimate human species. Could it be that evolution is not just the result of natural selection, but also alien manipulation? Even our blood says… yes!

Enki creating Adapa
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