Karahunj or Carahunge (also known as Zorats Karer or Armenia’s Stonehenge) is 3,500 years older than England’s Stonehenge and 3,000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. The total area of the observatory is 7 hectares and some carvings make this a very special site!

The similarity of the stones lies in the circular patterns, and in the mystery of their purpose. Theories as to their purpose abound, and range from the astronomical to ceremonial, but nothing is known for sure. Armenia’s version is much older and much cruder than the British Stonehenge, and consists of roughly hewn rocks standing in at least two someone elliptical and overlapping circles. Many of the Armenian stones have holes carved through near their tops, contributing to the theory of their use in observing the stars.

At Karahunj, there are hundreds of petroglyphs dated thousands of years older than the megaliths. As well as ancient petroglyphs, there are also images carved into stone of beings, that look like our modern day descriptions of “grey aliens”. We have different carvings that depict beings with large heads and big slanted eyes, some of these beings are holding what appears to be a wheel or some technological device.

Some have drawn similarities between the Karahunj site and Gobekli Tepe in modern Turkey.

V. Vahradyan suggests that both Gobekli Tepe and the Karahunj Observatory shows the constellation of Cygnus mirrored. “As above so bellow”?


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