Just days after a new examination of King Tut’s tomb has provided evidence of two hidden rooms, we search deeper to know more about the son of the strange one, Akhenaten. Tutankhamun was nine years old when he became Pharaoh and reigned for approximately ten years. He became know for his rejection of the radical religious innovations introduced by his predecessor and father, Akhenaten.

His Tomb and It’s Secrets

An Egyptian panel of experts has approved the use of radar to search for a hidden chamber in King Tutankhamun’s tomb, which may be the burial place of Queen Nefertiti, said an official.
According to Egypt’s Antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty, scratching and markings on both the northern and western walls are similar to those found by Howard Carter on the entrance gate of King Tut’s tomb. Carter discovered the treasure-packed burial in 1922. His tomb was robbed at least twice in antiquity, but based on the items taken (including perishable oils and perfumes) and the evidence of restoration of the tomb after the intrusions, it seems clear that these robberies took place within several months at most of the initial burial.

An Alien Father?

Akhenaton and Nefertiti

Akhenaten is best known for introducing a revolutionary form of monotheism to ancient Egypt. He abandoned traditional Egyptian polytheism and introduced the worship of the Aten (the Sun).

One of the most interesting characteristics of Akhenaten, is that he is always depicted with a long, elongated skull. Most Egyptian scholars have attributed this to artistic style peculiar to his reign. Surely though, it is more likely that he actually had an enlarged cranium? Artistic depictions of Akhenaten, usually show him with an elongated head, wide hips and a round belly. It has been suggested by researchers that these features are attributed to a disorder called Froehlich’s Syndrome. This disorder is typified by an elongated face and an androgynous figure. However, it also hinders sexual development and causes severe learning difficulties, obesity and impotency. Pharaoh Akhenaten had many children, and while his sculptures may give him an androgynous appearance, he is not obese. There is also, absolutely no suggestion in any record, that the Pharaoh suffered any mental deficiencies at all. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, in his book Moses and Monotheism argued that Moses had been an Atenist priest forced to leave Egypt with his followers after Akhenaten’s death. Freud argued that Akhenaten was striving to promote monotheism, something that the biblical Moses was able to achieve.

Akhenaten look was very… odd

In this period art representations are more naturalistic, especially in depictions of animals and plants, of commoners, and in a sense of action and movement—for both nonroyal and royal people. However, depictions of members of the court, especially members of the royal family, are extremely stylized, with elongated heads, protruding stomachs, heavy hips, thin arms and legs, and exaggerated facial features.
The whole reign of Akhenaten leads us to think that he had contact with extraterrestrials. Akhenaten’s wife, Queen Nefertiti, and their children were also depicted with similar elongated heads. But might there be a specific reason why the pharoah and his descendants were illustrated in this way?

Erased from History?

Akhenaten ruled for the magnificent city he built to the sun god and that was partially destroyed. His mysterious depictions were defaced or obliterated.
Aten, the god who some believe may have delivered messages to the pharaoh, was also virtually erased from the records. All the other pharaohs left wall descriptions and describing their glory and brilliance.
But for some reason, around Akhenaten, it was all scribbled out, as if to hide them like an ancient cover-up.

Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists contend, that the pharaoh’s relationship with extraterrestrial beings was covered up for nearly 1,000 years?
Could this be because Akhenaten was perhaps actually extraterrestrial?

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