More than 50 Geoglyphs Discovered in Kazakhstan

At the annual meeting in Istanbul of the European Association of Archaeologists, researchers from Kazakhstan’s Kostanay University and Vilnius University in Lithuania presented their findings: more than 50 geolyphs in Kazakhstan.

Unlike the Nazca Lines, most of the Kazakhstan geoglyphs are earthen mounds. Their sizes range from 90 to 400 meters and, even though they’re mounds, are much easier to see from the air than on the ground. One geoplyph in particular was constructed with timber (in the shape of a swastika and others are of crosses, squares and circles).

Using excavations, ground-penetrating radar and Google Earth the teams discovered over 50 geoglyphs in northern Kazakhstan. They’re not as large or as intricate as the Nazca Lines of Peru, but much more research is needed to explain their origins and meanings.

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