Sacred to billions of people, Mount Kailash is forbidden to climbers by the Chinese Government. Why? We may have the answer… and yes… Aliens !

First things first: Mount Kailash in Western Tibet is a remarkable peak. It is the origins of four of the world’s great religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Daoism. It is also believed to be home of Shiva.

According to all religions that revere the mountain, setting foot on its slopes is a dire sin, and it is claimed that many who ventured to defy the taboo died in the process. This, along with the fact that China prohibits climbing Mount Kailash, has made examination of the peak impossible.

But in 1999 Dr. Ernst Muldashev has led 21 expeditions examining some of the most remote regions on the planet. He spent a month at Mount Kailash studying its structure.
What he found led him to put forth a controversial theory that suggests Mount Kailash may be much more than just the mythological home of Shiva.

Dr. Ernst Muldashev observed that its peak highly resembles a man-made pyramid and began to develop the theory that, in fact, the apex of Kailash is man-made or perhaps made by extraterrestrials.

Curiously, many who visit the mountain have reported strange happenings. Almost every pilgrim reports unusual experiences along the way. A lot of people report rapid aging if they stay in the area, even today.


Many of these UFO sightings are reported by Hindu pilgrims who move towards Mount Kailash. They’ve also reported UFOs around Kailash sometimes appearing to go directly into or inside the mountain. And some people even claim there is an underground UFO base, as there have been reports of UFOs coming from the sky and disappearing at ground level.

Could it be? Unfortunately no real answer can be given until the Chinese government allows it.

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