This round rock could be the oldest stone sphere made by human hands, says Bosnian archaeologist Dr Semir Osmanagic. He believes the sphere proves the existence of an advanced lost civilization dating back more than 1,500 years ago.

Discovered in a forest near the Bosnian town Zavidovici, the ball has a radius of between four and five feet, and an “extremely high” iron content.

According to Sam Osmanagich, the region used to have many more of the spheres well into the 20th century. Many were apparently destroyed in the 1970s due to rumors there was gold hidden in the middle of them.

This is the same region where Osmanagic claims that a pyramid-shaped mountain outside the town of Visoko, near Sarajevo, conceals a 12,500-year-old structure that pre-dates the pyramids of ancient Egypt, making this corner of Europe the cradle of modern civilization. He also believed that ancient pyramids linked by a network of underground tunnels and that these stones balls found in the forest are also connected to this mysterious civilization.

While his claims were mocked by some, the Bosnian government gave financial backing enabling excavations to be carried out in the region. Nedzad Brankovic, Bosnian Prime Minister at the time: “We were told the world was laughing at us … but there is no government in the world that should stay quiet on things which are positive.”

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