He became a pop icon and brought back the Paleocontact subject to the 21th century! Now the one and only Giorgio Tsoukalos answered some fan questions and has a lot to reveal about how he began exploring the Ancient Aliens Hypothesis and what are his thoughts about many subjects. Read it all here!

Stacie Rose Carvotta asked:

When/how did you first become involved in “all things alien”?

Giorgio: It was initially my grandmother who introduced me to all sorts of alternative topics when I was a little kid. She’d read Edgar Cayce to me as a bedtime story. Ancient Astronauts were dinner table conversation in the household I grew up in.

Kathleen Tierney asked

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Giorgio: Yes I have. Around 11pm on August 8th, 2014 in Joshua Tree along with 28 other witnesses. Two additional, rather bright stars appeared inside the Big Dipper where they remained perfectly still for at least 10 minutes and then – in front of everyone – those two bright stars, started to move equidistantly from each other and they drifted off into space where they disappeared. We know what we saw.

Jena Leah Sias asked

What is your favorite piece of evidence to support the ancient aliens theory?

Giorgio: Personally I think it is a combination of a whole bunch of different pieces of evidence. In fact, this is exactly where the Ancient Astronaut Theory sets itself apart from any other research topic because it is interdisciplinary. You won’t find that many Egyptologists who will openly talk and compare notes with, let’s say, studying the Maya. Why? There ARE connections. Worldwide.

Besides «Ancient Aliens», Giorgio also presents «In Search of Aliens» a bran new TV series by the History Channel.

Michael Urbanec asked:

What is your favorite book about ancient astronauts?

Giorgio: There are too many. I’d say any and all books by Erich von Daniken, David Childress and Zecharia Sitchin. If you read German, I’d also include the books by Peter and Johannes Fiebag. Also read Bauval and Hancock. Read as much as you can and do NOT shy away from reading the other side, ie. books by debunkers.

Tó Silva asked:

Which is the most revealing sacred text about ancient aliens?

Giorgio: I’d say begin with the Book of Enoch!

Darin Cagle asked:

Are we the aliens that landed all those years ago?

Giorgio: I don’t think so, and here’s why – I’m actually quite intrigued by the idea that the ancient aliens, perhaps, were US from the future. If you think about, it’s really a great sounding proposition. Until, that is, you start reading the ancient accounts. As fas as I’m concerned, whenever our ancestors asked those visitors, “Where do you come from?” they never replied by saying, “We’re you, from the future.” So far, I haven’t come across such a passage. In fact, I challenge anyone to find me an ancient text passage (from a reputable, non-channeled source) where it says, “We’re you from the future.” Therefore, I think it was space travelers.

Robbie Cooke asked

How often do you think UFO sighting are actually military tech and secret aviation technology being mistaken by average citizens?

Giorgio: That’s a great observation and it is quite a possibility. In fact, we now know that whenever a new plane or some new type of technology is introduced to the public, then the technology is probably already one or even two generations old. New stuff is being worked on in the background all the time. So who knows? Maybe SOME of the stuff we see today IS ours. However, in my opinion, this does not in any way shape or form take away from the UFO Phenomenon. It does tell us we should exercise caution, which is always a good thing to do.

John Castrillon asked

Why there its no full disclosure at all of the Aliens has been here for thousands of years?

Giorgio: The evidence speaks for itself I think. THAT’s the disclosure. Some people choose to see it, some don’t. Each and every person has to be ready for this topic. If they’re not, you might as well have a conversation with a teacup.

You can read it all here.

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  1. Giorgio, wouldn’t the Great Pyramid make an excellent Terraformer? I mean, as a Hydrogen Power Plant, generating Hydrogen to mix with Oxygen would basically generate a great flood, wouldn’t it? Probably work on Mars in some way. Back and forth, hmm. Just a thought. Love the show! Looking forward to Season 14.

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