Siberia keeps giving us evidence of an advanced civilization that may left behind some interesting artifacts like this Shigir Idol, believed to be oldest wooden sculpture in the world.

This statue was discovered in the beginning of the 19th century in an open-air gold mine which contained other ancient artifacts.

Several studies have dated the statue to be around 9,000 years old, but this recent analysis published in Antiquity claims that age is more likely 11,600 years old – twice as old as the pyramids.

The authors write that the statue “may reflect encoded mythologies” and could provide a glimpse into the folklore and beliefs of early civilizations indigenous to this part of the world. But the purpose and meaning of the idol remain shrouded in mystery.

This findings give even more credit to an unknown civilization that habbited Siberia in the distant past.

In 2017 The Great Wall of Siberia was discovered. The wall complex – now almost hidden to the naked eye – is believed to date from a long era that also saw such constructions as the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall.

The Great Siberian Wall – Know more about it here

Besides this proof the Siberian Times also found two prehistoric megaliths believed to depict a dragon and a griffin and which may be up to 12,000 years old. Each of the megaliths faces east, is composed of separate granite boulders, and weighs over 120 tons. The stones were found at the base of Mokhnataya, a mountain in Siberia’s southern Altai region near Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Archaeologists are still unsure who carved the megaliths and what their significance might have been.

What culture could face the Siberian lands and thrive? What are the meaning of their unique beliefs? It seems the archaeological work continues and soon we will know more about this mysterious civilization.

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