Aleutian Islands, nestled in the Irish Sea, lies the Isle of Man. According to legend, the Isle of Man was founded by a mystical race of Celts, the Tuatha Dé Danann, who possessed magical powers.
Banished from heaven for their sorcery and advanced knowledge, they descended on Ireland in a cloud of mist.

It’s said that at the end of their time, they just sort of vanished. Left behind their ghosts, quite literally, and these are remembered in the folklore of the Isle of Man as the “Little People”.

The so-called “Little People” are believed by the locals to be able to put humans under a magical spell a spell in which all awareness of space and time is lost. Kidnapping human beings is one of the chief activities of the Little People. And the whole point of these stories is that the humans tend to come back from the other realm, often finding that hundreds of years have passed. And this sounds really similar to what people say they experience during alien abduction events. They’ll find themselves paralyzed, they’ll have missing time experiences. And there’s reason to believe that the Little People may have, in fact, been extraterrestrials; the same “greys,” as we describe them, that perform the same types of magical enchantment on people that they abduct today.

Could the legends of the Little People and the ancestral Tuatha de Danann actually be describing otherworldly beings that came to Earth in the distant past? And if so, might these legends be connected to modern-day UFO sightings over the Isle of Man? Locals claim that these UFO sightings have been reported for centuries and for ancient astronaut theorists, the most compelling sighting of all is a wheel with three spokes descending from the heavens.

According to legend on the Isle of Man, some fishermen were washed ashore during a terrible storm. Suddenly this three-spoked craft came out of the clouds terrifying them. There have been sightings on the Isle of Man going back centuries of what are described as wheels or “fiery wheels” in the sky. Now, these descriptions are almost identical to the description of the wheel of Ezekiel in the Bible.

According to Ezekiel, chapter one, the prophet saw a flying object described as four wheels within a wheel, an account that ancient astronaut theorists say is not of an angel, but of an Biblical scholars have very much struggled with the description of Ezekiel’s wheel, seeing wheels within wheels, the idea that a cherub was standing next to each wheel.

Ezekiel describes wheels within a wheel, and eyes of different animals, and they’re all gleaming like bronze and metal. It’s very clear that he’s describing some type of device.

And in fact, legends about UFO’s and extraterrestrials continue on the island even to this day.

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