In the Mahabharata 46 different types of weapons are described. How is it that some of the earliest written accounts of warfare describe weaponry that humans wouldn’t develop for thousands of years?

For the answer, ancient astronaut theorists point to numerous descriptions of deadly weapons found throughout the Mahabharata – many strikingly similar to those used by the military today.

Vishnu’s Incendiary Weapons

One example are the incendiary weapons wielded by Vishnu, which are specially equipped to find their targets. This “flying guided missile” is named the Narayanastra. Once it is launched it will destroy everything that is moving. So according to the description, it is a motion-detecting weapon, which is pretty much like our modern weaponry.

Heat-Seeking Weapons

There is also a weapon that is heat-seeking. Heat-seeking is a very effective way of finding something you would fire a missile from behind on your craft, at an aircraft in front of you specifically targeted towards the heat engine.

In the Mahabharata we have vivid descriptions of this kind of weapon. A description of heat-seeking missiles?

In addition to guided missiles, the Mahabharata is filled with accounts of other sophisticated weapons wielded by the gods.

The Pashupatastra

Another technology that we use today is The Pashupatastra, a weapon that actually multiplies into seven different arrows. So then it hits seven different targets at the same time.

Stealth Technology

Salva is an anti-God; he can make his vehicle (!) disappear. So we’re talking about a flying object that is stealth. More; He also can put people into sleep. So we’re perhaps talking about nerve gas…?

The Brahmastra

The weapon that the texts warned was never to be used. Brahmastra is described as the ultimate weapon.
Once it is launched, it will simply burn everything.

This are just some examples. You can read the full list of weapons and their incredible capabilities here

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