Author Peter Levenda reveals that according to the information Tom DeLonge received, there are multiple races of beings visiting Earth, some for thousands of years or more, and they don’t necessarily get along with each other.

Peter Levenda is an American author who focuses primarily on occult history and have written the book Sekret Machines: Gods, Man & War (with Tom DeLonge) (2017)

In this fantastic Interview with both you can know more about this book and how it wants to change the starting point of the UFO debate.

Tom DeLonge tells how he got and apparently keeps getting information from the most secretive and official sources. According to Tom it usually people decide to help when Cargo Cults are mentioned… You can listen the full interview (and subscribe!) to CoastToCoast AM Youtube Channel here.
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  1. I think his recognition of ET presence is awesome. Way to go! I hope the starseed acadamy does well

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