The Vinča Culture: a mysterious European culture which left a legacy in form of valuable artifacts covered with an unknown, never successfully deciphered script. Could it be… extraterrestrial?

Many still today do not have any realistic explanation for Vinča culture, mostly due to the fact that these items left behind by Vinča civilization were too well developed while cultures of the Old World were still in neolithic stage. In other words, era where humans still didn’t built one of the grand megalithic monuments such as pyramid, the Vinča population had a highly developed cultural traits and art.


Excavations in the vicinity of Belgrade have yielded over 2000 of these mysterious looking figurines. Most ancient illustrations or figurines depict strange humanoid beings with oval-shaped heads, giant eyes and specific dark eyes.

Most of these strange humanoid figures are depicted as guardian deities, some of them are believed to have been good while some of them evil. The zoomorphic-anthropomorphic depictions are a mystery that many researchers have not found an answer to.

These ancient items are old over 7000 years BC and they are still regularly found by archaeologists in South-Eastern Europe, Ex-Yugoslavia area and Norther Greece.

These items are either a creation of some very imaginative individuals from human history, sort of a sci-fi pioneer or even more likely they are evidence of their own happenings that happened 7000 years ago on these areas.


Most of the objects found in diggings of Vinča culture are decorated with incredible inscriptions. Since the inscriptions are all short and appear on objects found in burial sites, and the language represented is not known, it is highly unlikely they will ever be deciphered.

In civilizations of Southeast Europe there are no previous phases in the evolution of the writing system. Writing came to be “suddenly” in a relatively evolved form. So… could the “Gods” gave this knowledge to our ancestors?


Another part of the Vinca legacy are curious figurines depicting women in extremely modern clothes like narrow skirts, and sleeveless upper-body panels, complimented with hip belts, aprons, jewellry, shoes, caps, hairstyles, bracelets, necklaces, and medallions.

They lived in houses which had very complex architectural layouts and several rooms and the development of copper metallurgy is evident during the latter part of the Vinca culture’s evolution.

It is interesting that the era when Vinča figurines and Vinča culture bloomed happened several thousand years earlier then ancient civilizations around Nile emerged such as old Egypt. This is one of the major proof for open mind thinkers how this in fact is an anomaly in human development.

Vinca culture and its figurines have been researched numerous times and among one sphere of scientists and scholars some have come to the conclusion these mysterious ancient objects found in Serbia could depict indeed extraterrestrial visitors.

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