Was the Angel Moroni an Extraterrestrial?

Joseph Smith wrote the famous Book of Mormon after a “vision”. Angel Moroni didn’t claim to have heavenly origins, but to be from another part of the universe.

When Angels appear in religious legends and in myths, generally they are messengers between the heavenly realm and the human realm. Whether they’re representatives of Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist gods, these apparitions are thought to be a way the gods intervene on Earth with humans.

September 21, 1823. As he settles into bed, a 17-year-old farmhand named Joseph Smith begins to say his prayers.
Suddenly, without warning, an overpowering light envelops his room, and a robed figure appears.

According to Smith’s account, “Not only was his robe exceedingly white, but his whole person was glorious beyond description.”

Speaking from the center of the light, the angel, whose name is Moroni, sends Smith on a quest for several sacred texts hidden near a local tree.

Upon locating the tree, Joseph dug and indeed found the texts, but they recorded a language which he could not read.

A second visitation from Moroni told Joseph Smith where he could find what we might call a device of some kind that would allow him to read the texts.

Joseph Smith was given this translating stone, the Urim and Dethumium, with which he was able to not only write down this text, but also to be able to translate it. He then translated the texts into English, which become The Book of Mormon.

And the book depicts, among other things, that after Jesus ascended into heaven, he came to the Americas and ministered to the native peoples here, to convert them to his way of life, and that at some point the texts that become The Book of Mormon are deposited here, so that Joseph Smith could find them.

Curiously, the so-called angel that led Joseph Smith to the sacred texts that would become The Book of Mormon did not profess to have heavenly origins, but claimed to be from another part of the universe. He said that at one time he had lived on Earth, but that now he came from the Pleiades star cluster. And he also said there were many others like him.

Mormonism is another example, potentially, of an extraterrestrial influence steering the course of our humanity, and helping steer the outcome of historical events here on Earth.
Is it possible that Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, was guided by an extraterrestrial being? And if so, was this alien encounter another attempt to guide us into a more enlightened age?

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