Know as the “son of the heavens” the Yellow Emperor was China’s first ruler, and many believe he was an Extraterrestrial. Many ancient cultures relate how powerful kings descended from the skies and help humanity to evolve. Ancient Chinese records talk of a very special being that descended from the Syuan Yuan star.

The Yellow Emperor (Huang-Di) was a legendary ruler and ancestor of the Chinese people who is said to have lived in the third millennium B.C. for 100-118 years. He is credited with having invented Chinese medicine; various religious practices, including worship of the sun, moon, and five planets; and technological inventions, like the compass and calendar.

It is also believed that the Emperor Huang-ti was the first patron of mathematics.

According to ancient accounts, the Yellow Emperor also possessed knowledge of advanced technology, including a cauldron that was oriented towards the Syuan Yuan star. It was written that the cauldron could make a dragon (sometimes described with metallic skin) appear from the sky.

Is it possible the Yellow Emperor was an extraterrestrial that was responsible for starting Chinese civilization over 5,000 years ago?


Might subsequent emperors, who all claimed to be descendants of Huang-Di, have been at least part alien as well? In China’s ancient history, it was often forbidden to look upon the emperor.

And from 1420 to 1912, emperors were actually walled off from the public within a massive citadel in Beijing known as the Forbidden City.

A monk received the plan for the city in a vision, and it was built of stones, some of them weighing over 300 tons.
The full name of the Forbidden City is actually “the Purple Forbidden City,” and this refers to a constellation, which is known as the “purple enclosure,” in the skies.

This constellation is said to house the celestial emperor and his immediate entourage. So, the Forbidden City in Beijing is considered to be an earthly or terrestrial counterpart of this celestial palace up in the stars.


There are Tao sources who state unambiguously that after one hundred years of his “rule” Huang-ti returned to his home star, “ascended the heavens, and became the ruler of the Great Infinite, again turning into the star Syuan Yuan.”

An ancient Chinese drawing of the Syuan Yuan constellation has been identified by modern astronomers as that of the Leo constellation. Its brightest star is (Alpha Leo), Regulus. We do not know much about this star; we do know that there are very few similarities between our Sun and Regulus. But there is a very curious similarity: there exists, in the Regulus star system, a radio source that emits signals in metric wave bands. In our Solar system there is also such a source: Earth.

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