February, 1959 A group of nine mountaineers embark on a winter trek into Russia’s Ural Mountains. Their destination: a mountain called Otorten, which in the local Mansi language means, “Do not go there.”

On their fourth night out, bad weather forces the hikers to camp atop an area called Kholate Syakhal, which in Mansi translates to “The Mountain of the Dead. Ten days later, when the nine adventurers fail to show up at their destination, military rescue teams search the area. They find the hikers’ camp abandoned and a tent that is badly damaged.
The investigators determine that the tent has been cut and ripped open from the inside and the hikers appeared to have fled the area in only socks or bare feet.

This tent had been cut out with knives from the interior It was absolutely obvious that neither animals nor people had approached the tent to break in. Something was pushing them to run away without taking any clothing with them, without taking any supplies.

The investigators followed the trail to the edge of the forest. But what they eventually find is beyond belief. All nine hikers died.

They were discovered by Soviet troops, in various stages of what can only be described as being mutilated Their bodies were burned. Some suffered radiation poisoning. In one case, a hiker’s tongue was missing. They had prematurely aged and their skin was orange, their hair had turned gray. What could’ve explained this?

Three of them had injuries that could be sustained when somebody is hit by a speeding car, except the injuries were inside. Their ribs were crushed, like eggshells. Some of them entered their hearts, but there was no effect on their skin. It was like a force was directed at all of them. An unknown force had hit the hikers, and it was very selective in hitting only the hikers, leaving untouched the snow, the trees and everything else around.

The official explanation was that the nine died from hypothermia but the chief investigator refused to sign off on the report, and instead resigned from the inquiry.
When the investigation was taking place by the local officials, one of the people in charge was removed quite quickly from the very investigation because he was very thorough. The authorities did their best to cover the whole thing up. It was practically forbidden to mention it.

Years later, members of the search party spoke out. According to their testimony, at the time of the incident, strange orange spheres or orbs were seen floating in the sky.

These observations are from local people who saw some unidentified flying objects during the night of the hikers’ deaths.

According to ancient Mansi legend, the Mountain of the Dead, where the nine hikers’ mutilated bodies were found, was named after a similar incident in which nine Mansi men were also found dead while seeking salvation from a flood during ancient times.

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